Due to the rising cases of Covid-19 our taproom will be closed until further notice. we are sorry for the inconvenience. All products are located at your local grocery store, please scroll to the bottom to find the nearest location. 
Thank you and Stay safe! 

Upside Kombucha is brewed in Sandpoint, ID where we ferment in small barrel batches to ensure strong culture and consistent flavors. You can find us at our many locations listed below! If we are not located near you please let us know where you would like to see our product sold.  



It is a simple yet scientific process of fermenting tea, sugar, water and a symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast, known as a SCOBY. Originating out of Asia many centuries ago, people have enjoyed this slightly sweet and tart bubbly drink to provide energy and promote healthy digestion.


Kombucha has many health benefits and is gaining popularity around the globe. There is a lot of information out there that can make it hard to understand. Here are some sources about what kombucha is and the scientific process behind it. 


American Nutrition Association 



Kombucha Kamp



Aluminum cans are 100% recyclable and produced locally in the PNW.  Not only are cans lighter, stronger and more durable then bottles, they also provide 100% protection from light keeping our kombucha fresher, longer. Take our cans anywhere and enjoy life on the upside!


about us

Carson Racicot



Tianna Valiani

Owner/Business Manager


Upside Kombucha is a Sandpoint, ID based brewery that creates hand-crafted single barrel batches. Founded by husband and wife Carson and Tianna in 2016, Upside strives to produce the highest quality kombucha in Northern Idaho. In order to achieve this goal we use only organic ingredients, select loose leaf teas, 100% fruit juice flavors and strong kombucha culture.


farmers market


Saturday 9:00am-1:00pm

Wednesday 3:00pm-5:30pm

Third Ave & Oak St

Sandpoint, Idaho 



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Product Locations 
Winter Ridge Natural Foods
703 Lake St, Sandpoint, ID 83863
Idaho Pour Authority 
203 Cedar St. Sandpoint, ID 83864
Super 1 Foods-Sandpoint, Bonners Ferry,  Athol, CDA & Hayden Locations
624 Larch St. Sandpoint, ID 83864
Yoke's- Sandpoint 
212 Bonner Mall Way, Sandpoint, ID 83864
Northern Grind
120 Cedar St, Sandpoint, ID
Matchwood Brewing Company 
513 Oak St, Sandpoint, ID 83864
Spuds Waterfront Grill
102 N First Ave, Sandpoint, ID 83864
City Beach Organics
117 N First Ave, Sandpoint, ID 83864
Schweitzer Mountain- Gourmandie, Lakeview and Pucci's Pub, Sky House 
10000 Schweitzer Mountain Rd, Sandpoint, ID 83864 
Miller's Country Store 
1326 Baldy Mountain Rd, Sandpoint ID 83864
Utara Brewing Company 
214 Pine St, Sandpoint, ID 83864
The Longshot 
102 S Boyer Ave, Sandpoint, ID 83864
Evans Brothers Coffee
524 Church St. Sandpoint, ID 83864
Pilgrim's Market 
1316 N 4th St, Coeur d'Alene, ID 83814
Paradise Cafe 
1902 W.  Pullman Rd, Moscow ID 83843
Mikey's Gyros 
527 S Main St, Moscow, ID 83843
Moscow Co-op
2909, 121 E 5th St. Moscow, ID 83843
Moscow Co-op Campus Location 
121 E 5th St, Moscow, ID 83843
Humble Burger 
2804, 102 N Main St, Moscow, ID 83843
Rosauers- Moscow
411 North Main St Moscow, ID 83843
Rosauers- Lewiston
332 Thain Rd Lewiston, ID 83501
Rosauers- Lincoln Heights 
2610 E 29th Spokane, WA 99223
Rosauers- Division 
9414 N Division Spokane, WA 99218
Super 1 Foods
830 E 29th Ave. Spokane, WA 99203 
Yoke's- Sprague & McDonald
13014 E Sprague Ave, Spokane Valley, WA 99216
Yoke's- Argonne
9329 E Montgomery Ave, Spokane Valley, WA 99206
Yoke's- Liberty Lake
1233 N Liberty Lake Rd, Liberty Lake, WA 99019
Yoke's- Indian Trail
3321 W Indian Trail Rd, Spokane, WA 99208
Atticus Coffee & Gifts
222 N Howard St, Spokane, WA 99201
Yoke's- Foothills
210 E North Foothills Dr, Spokane, WA 99207
The Pie Safe Bakery 
307 Main St, Deary, ID 83823
Pack River Store
1587 Rapid Lighting Rd, 
Sandpoint, ID
Only Local Farmers Market 
464138 US-95, Sagle, ID 83860